How to Segment the Advertising Spend Metric

This support documentation will walk you through the process of segmenting the advertising spend metric in your SegMetrics account. By segmenting the ad spend data from individual ad accounts or platforms, you can gain deeper insights into the performance of your advertising campaigns and make more informed marketing decisions between multiple ad platform accounts.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • How SegMetrics Pulls Ad Spend from Your Advertising Platforms
  • Where to View Ad Spend
  • How to Segment Ad Spend from Individual Ad Accounts/Platforms

How SegMetrics pulls ad spend

SegMetrics automatically integrates with popular advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more, to fetch ad spend data. This ensures that your ad spend metrics are up to date and accurate within the SegMetrics platform. You don't need to manually import or input the data; SegMetrics handles the data collection process seamlessly.

Where to view ad spend

  1. To view your ad spend data in SegMetrics, simply navigate to the Advertising report in your account.

    First, you’ll see the top-line metrics concerning your advertising report. The ad spend number you see here, will display the total sum of ad spend for all your connected advertising platforms:

  1. You can scroll further down the report to see a list of all the advertising platforms you've connected to your account, along with the total ad spend for each platform. You can also view ad spend data for specific campaigns, ad sets, and ads by clicking on the respective tabs:

How to Segment Ad Spend from Individual Ad Accounts/Platforms

To segment your advertising report by an individual ad account so that the report only takes into account the spend for that account, you can apply a filter parameter at the top of the report: 

  1. Click +Add Filter

  2. Select Clicked Ad

  3. Click Ad Account

  4. Check the individual account(s) to apply

  5. Click Confirm

Now your advertising report will only take into account the ad spend for the selected ad account(s).

In addition to segmenting by account, you can also segment your ad spend data by other dimensions such as campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword. To do this, simply select the desired dimension from the "Filter" dropdown menu and apply the filter parameters as needed.

Remember, segmenting the ad spend metric allows you to analyze the performance of specific ad accounts or platforms separately, giving you a more granular understanding of your advertising efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can I create custom segmentation criteria?

A: Yes, SegMetrics allows you to create custom segments based on specific parameters or filters. Refer to our support documentation on Creating, Saving, and Reporting on Custom Segments in SegMetrics for detailed instructions.

Q: Can I compare the performance of different advertising channels using segmentation?

A: Absolutely! SegMetrics offers the flexibility, please see this support documentation 

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