Using AI Insights in SegMetrics


Welcome to the world of enhanced marketing insights! In this guide, we'll show you how to harness the power of SegMetrics' AI analysis to gain deep understanding from your marketing data. Discover the 'why' behind your data and make informed decisions to supercharge your campaigns.

This guide walks you through the process of generating AI insights within SegMetrics, a game-changing tool for digital marketers and agencies. By leveraging artificial intelligence, you can uncover hidden patterns, identify opportunities, and optimize your marketing strategies for superior results.

Main Topics Covered:

  1. Navigating to the AI Insights Feature
  2. Choosing Filters for Analysis
  3. Access Insights:
  4. Generating Insights
  5. Interpreting AI-Generated Content
  6. Ensuring Data Accuracy

1. Navigate to Reports:

Within SegMetrics, access any report that contains the data you want to analyze.

2. Choosing Filters for Analysis:

Customize the data you want the AI tool to analyze by applying filters. Select the specific parameters that align with your focus.

3. Access Insights:

In the top right corner of your screen, locate the "insights" option. Click on it to reveal a wealth of AI-generated insights.

4. Generate Insights:

Once you're in the insights section, find the prominent blue button labeled "Generate Insights." Click on it to initiate the AI analysis.

5. Interpreting AI-Generated Content:

The AI-generated content will provide summaries, explanations, and recommendations based on the analyzed data. However, it's important to remember that AI-generated content might contain inaccuracies. Carefully review the insights before incorporating them into your strategies.

6. Ensuring Data Accuracy:

The AI tool not only explains trends in your data but also suggests potential actions to take based on the insights. Remember, your actions are only as effective as the data they're based on

Reference to Other Support Documentation:

For a comprehensive understanding of SegMetrics' filters:

FAQ / Gotchas:

Q: Can I rely solely on AI insights for decision-making?

A: No. While AI insights offer valuable guidance, they should be reviewed alongside your domain expertise. Your data's accuracy directly influences the quality of recommendations.

Q: What information of mine does AI retain?

A: We only pass the data that is currently visibible in the report except contact data. So no PII, etc. Here is our SegMetrics privacy policy and here is the open AI privacy policy

Q: What if I find inaccuracies in AI-generated content?

A: It's common to encounter discrepancies. If you notice inconsistencies, delve into the raw data and ensure filters are correctly set. If you still see inconsistencies, reach out to our

Q: How often should I generate AI insights?

A: Regularly generating insights is beneficial, but the frequency depends on your campaign's pace. Aim for a balance between monitoring and taking action. At the time of writing this, the quantities of AI insights are limited per account per day. Insights are also limited to 500 rows of data from a single page

Q: Can I adjust the insights' recommendations?

A: No, the insights are not editable. You cannot specify or create your own prompt. However you can regenerate the insight using different metrics or data to achieve a different AI insight recommendation. We recommend using them as a starting point and tailor them to your unique strategy and goals.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of AI-powered insights, embark on a journey of data-driven marketing success with SegMetrics!

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