3rd Party Connection For Integration


In this guide you’ll discover how to allow an authorized user to connect an integration within SegMetrics you may not have access to during setup. 

Main Topics Covered:

1. Setup Flow

2. Steps to get Integration connected 

2. Additional Documentation

4. FAQs/Gotchas 

1. Setup Flow

Once you have signed up for SegMetrics you will be asked to connect your integrations such as a CRM/Email marketing software, payment processor, ads account, etc. If you don’t have the proper permissions or access to any of the integrations you wish to bring in, the below steps will explain how to invite someone who has access or the highest permissions to said integration.

2. Steps to get your integrations connected

  • Once you get to the integration you need assistance accessing, check the bottom of the page. Click the blue link “Ask another person to connect” located right below the blue button to connect the integration  

  • A Connection Request modal will pop up
  • Enter the email address or send them the request link (with the option to request them to set up the ads/email/etc as well)
  • Your role is now complete. 
  • The Third party client invitee goes through a visually similar but separate route path that doesn't require a login to set up the integration 
  • If there are settings to configure, the invitee will see these and select proper settings
  • Once the invitee third party has connected the integration, you will receive and email alerting you

3. Additional Documentation

4. FAQ’s and Gotchas

Q: What access would the third party have?

A: The person you sent the request to would only be able to connect the integration and that’s it. They won’t have access to anything else within the account. 

Q: How do I give someone access to the SegMetrics account

A: You can invite anyone on your team via email or link from within your account settings. Here is documentation on exactly how to do that

Dont let permissions get in the way of setting up your account and all the valuable insights that await you, happy analyzing!

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