How to Export SegMetrics Reports to PDF

Exporting your SegMetrics reports to PDF is a quick and easy way to share valuable insights with your team or clients. This documentation will guide you through the simple process, ensuring you can easily generate and distribute reports in a format that's accessible to everyone.

To export your report to a PDF file:

  1. Navigate to the report you’d like to export to PDF.
  2. If needed, go ahead and segment the report via the report filters.
  3. Once you have the report you’d like to share, click the Export option at the top right of the report window.

  4. Select PDF.
  5. The report will now be downloaded to your computer as a PDF document.
  6. Send the PDF to your team or clients.

For more details on customizing reports, refer to our SegMetrics Filter Dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I export multiple reports at once?

A: Currently, SegMetrics allows for one report to be exported at a time. If you need to export multiple reports, you'll need to repeat the process for each one.

Q: Can I edit the PDF after exporting?

A: Once the PDF is generated, it's in a read-only format. If you need to make any changes, you'll need to revisit SegMetrics, adjust the settings, and re-export the report.

Q: What if the PDF doesn't display properly on certain devices?

A: Ensure that you're using a compatible PDF viewer. If issues persist, double-check the export settings and try generating the PDF again.

Remember, exporting reports to PDF allows for easy sharing and collaboration. Understanding the process ensures you can harness the full power of SegMetrics' insights. Happy reporting!

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