Facebook Lead Ads (Lead Tracking)

In order to connect your Facebook Lead Ads to your CRM and SegMetrics, you will need to use a tool like Zapier.

Since Facebook Lead Ads don't automatically import into your CRM, we'll assume that you already have a Zap set up to send your Facebook Leads into your marketing system.

After setting up that connection, you can either add a "Webhooks by Zapier" integration to your existing Zap, or create a new Zap that will POST new Facebook Lead Ads to a webhook.

Configure the Facebook Lead Ads

  1. Choose "Facebook Lead Ads" as the Trigger App
  2. Select "New Lead Trigger" and click "Save + Continue"
  3. Choose the Lead Ads Account you will use, and click "Save + Continue"
  4. Choose the Facebook Account, and Form from the dropdown, and click "Save + Continue"
  5. Click "Continue" to finish configuring Facebook

Configure the Webhooks by Zapier

  1. For the Action, select "Webhooks by Zapier"
  2. Set the URL to be https://track.segmetrics.io/collect/
  3. Add the ad_id Query String Param, and set it to the Facebook "Ad Id"
  4. Add the integration_id Query String Param and set it to the integration id found in your Site Setup
  5. Add the email Query String Param and set it to the Facebook "Email"
  6. Set the Unflatten option to No
  7. OPTIONAL: You may add extra UTM values to the Query String Params.

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