Connect Facebook with SegMetrics: Facebook Instant Forms (Lead Tracking)

Facebook Instant Forms, also known as Facebook Lead Ads, provides an easy way to generate marketing leads without the users ever having to leave Facebook. However, as the leads never leave Facebook's site, tracking can become a challenge. By using Zapier together with your Instant Forms and Email Marketing Platform, it's easy to get your Facebook Leads into SegMetrics!

How the Integration Works

Since Facebook Instant Forms, also known as Facebook Lead Ads, don't automatically import into your Email Marketing Platform, you most likely already have a Zap set up to send the Leads into your marketing funnel. You can either create a new Zap, or add a second action onto the existing app to send that data into SegMetrics. We'll assume that you already have a Zap set up to send your Facebook Leads into your marketing system.

Configure the Facebook Instant Forms

To connect Facebook Instant Forms to your Zapier Account:

  1. Choose "Facebook Instant Forms" as the Trigger App
  2. Select "New Lead Trigger" and click "Save + Continue"
  3. Choose the Lead Ads Account you will use, and click "Save + Continue"
  4. Choose the Facebook Account, and Form from the dropdown, and click "Save + Continue"
  5. Click "Continue" to finish configuring Facebook

Connecting SegMetrics to Zapier

  1. If you haven't already, follow our instructions on connecting SegMetrics to Zapier.
  2. For the action select "SegMetrics" as your App, and Track Page View as your event

  3. For the URL enter a URL that you can easily remember as belonging to the Facebook leads. We recommend using a URL like
  4. After the URL make sure that you add in ?ad_id= followed by the Ad ID field from the Lead Ad Trigger
  5. In the Email field, use the email address from the Lead Ad Trigger
  6. In the Referrer field enter "" (without the quotes)

  7. Click Continue and Save your Zap. You're done!

Connecting SegMetrics to leadsbridge

  1. Log into your leadsbridge Account
  2. Click on Create new Bridge
  3. Select source Facebook Instant Forms and connect to your Facebook account
  4. Select destination HTTP Request (GET/POST) and click Create a new Integration
  5. For the URL enter YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID_HERE by your Account ID
  6. For the Method select GET
  7. For the Content type select application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  8. Click Authorize
  9. Click Continue
  10. Click Fields Mapping
  11. Match Email to the Facebook Email and ad_id to the Facebook Ad ID

  12. Click Next
  13. Click Save & Publish
  14. Verify your new Bridge is active  

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