How can marketing agencies best use SegMetrics?

There are three main advantages that agencies gain from SegMetrics:

  • share automated client dashboards
  • help retaining and upselling existing clients 
  • analyze your own client funnel

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How to use SegMetrics for reports

There are two advantages for using SegMetrics for reporting in an agency:

  • Building live client dashboards
  • Automatically shared or embedded dashboards

Building live client dashboards

It is essential for clients to see the value of your work, to understand what has been going on each week or month. But that typically means hours of copying and pasting data between spreadsheets or formatting slides.

SegMetrics makes the process a breeze with custom dashboards.

You build them out with graphs, tables or metrics containing the data your clients need to know. They will then be kept updated with the values from your chosen timeframe.

Ads Performance Dashboard

You will be able to create one source of truth for their whole funnel, showing details on ad campaigns, email sequences and product sales all in one view.

Automatically shared or embedded dashboards

Going through and manually sending out each report or answering requests for numbers just add to your workload. That's why SegMetrics gives you effortless ways to keeps your clients updated.

Shared dashboards don't have any navigation menus and auto-refresh their data, making them ideal for communicating campaign successes with your clients. You have three options for sharing them:

Embed in reports - SegMetrics dashboards can be embedded into reports made with tools such as Notion. These are live updating, showing all of the latest data.

Custom URL - You can generate a link for a dashboard that allows people with the link to access it. Clients will be able to visit any time to see what is going on.

Scheduled Email - An email with a link to the report can be set to go out on a weekly or monthly basis, meaning one less thing for your to-do list.

You will be better able to keep clients updated, freeing up time to do valuable work.

How SegMetrics helps with client upsells and retention

It is vital to prove your worth to your clients, ideally in terms of the revenue that you bring them.

One way to establish this is to discuss the key metrics that they care about. Perhaps it's Return on Ad Spend or the Average Lifetime Value. These allow you to not only determine your goals, but define what data you will require to keep clients impressed.

While tools such as Google Analytics will give you attribution for immediate purchases it will miss the longterm impact. So while your ad campaign might bring in customers that subscribe for years or make repeat purchases, your agency won't get kudos for it.

That's why SegMetric's full revenue tracking can help you retain clients and win approval for new ideas.

SegMetrics will show the spend that your CRM or payment processor associates with each contact. It doesn't rely on a vulnerable and limited cookie, it is using information that already exists within your business process. These will be combined with information such as relevant tags and UTM data to show you the income a campaign created over months or years.

Create a cohort or use the filters to look at which product attracted repeat buyers, who purchased them, the typical time to sale or how your mid-funnel changes affected sales.

Not only does it prove the return on investment that your agency is providing, but it may also lead to conversations about how you could further boost their revenue. For example, if their email sequence is only making a minor difference to conversions then maybe you could overhaul it for them? With the proper tools these opportunities can be identified in the data.

How to use SegMetrics to bring in clients

How much have you analyzed your own client funnel?

Maybe you're dutifully using a CRM to track leads, but with little insight into which sources create actual paying clients, or where the main dropoff points are.

With SegMetrics, agencies can analyze their own deal pipelines using Funnel Reports.

If your agency has questioned whether activities such as writing blog posts or running weekly webinars are creating valuable clients, then now you will be able to dig into the data. You can look at whether the post that generated thousands of site visits actually turned into revenue, or any particularly well-performing referral sources.

All that is required is to tag leads in your CRM at each relevant point, such as Download Ebook, View Webinar and Purchased Audit. Select these tags within SegMetric's Funnel Report and you will get the data broken down for each step of the funnel for all contacts or your chosen cohort/

And of course, you can impress potential clients with the past results that SegMetrics has measured and your ability to create real results for your clients.

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