Debugging the Tracking Pixel

SegMetrics' preview mode allows you to browse a site where your tracking pixel is installed, so that you can easily see what data is being sent to SegMetrics. Sites with debug mode enabled will display a debug pane in the browser below the website content so that you can inspect what information is being collected, and notify you of any errors.

Enable preview mode

To enable debug mode go to your Site Setup page, enter your URL in the Debug Tracking Code window and click Start Debugger.

Note: The console window will appear only on the same browser that was used to enable debugging mode, and is not visible to your regular website visitors.

Using Debug Mode

Once you start the debugger, you will see a debug console window at the bottom of your browser. The activity feed shows information about the visitor, as well as what data is being sent to the Segmetrics tracker. 

You can click on any of the items in the Activity Feed to view the items details.

How to Debug

The most effective way to debug your data is to go through the optin flow as if you were a normal visitor to the site.

You should view the page with any UTM or ad-tracking items in the URL, and fill out your lead generation form as normal, keeping in mind the following items:

  1. When you land on a page and have UTM values in the URL, the debugger should show a Page View Sent action.
  2. When you enter your email address, the debugger should show a User Identification Sent action.
    It is normal for multiple identification events to be sent as you type in your email address.
  3. If you do not see a User Identification Sent action, then your optin form may be in an iFrame that doesn't have the tracking code installed. You can view our documentation about integrating with Lead Pages, ClickFunnels and Everwebinar for information on how to fix that.

If you see a red banner that says Visitor Tracking Lost, you have switched domains and SegMetrics was not able to connect the two sites together. There are two ways to solve this issue:

1. Update the Tracking Code with Cross-Domain Tracking Turned on
You'll need to update your pixel by adding ALL the top-level (root) domains that you are using in the site pixel. You can find information in our documentation under Installing the Tracking Pixel

2. Send Visitors Back to the Main Page
In some cases it may not be possible to connect the two domains (such as when the new domain is after a form submission). When the SegMetrics loses the visitor tracking, it is in fact creating a new tracking ID for the new site. We will continue to track the visitor on both domains separately, and connect them together as soon as we see a contact Id or email address on the new domain.

Restart Your Tracking

You can restart your tracking session at any time by clicking Clear Visitor Info. This will clear your tracking cookies, and identify you as a new device to SegMetrics.

Exit Debugging Mode

To exit debugging mode, click the X in the top right corner of the debugging console.

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