SegMetrics Getting Started Guide

Welcome to SegMetrics! We know how important it is to get actionable insights as quickly as possible. That’s why we created this guide to help you get setup and start optimizing your marketing like a pro.

1) Install your Tracking Pixel

Your SegMetrics account utilizes a tracking pixel that is unique to your account. This pixel allows you to track leads through your funnel. 

To grab your tracking pixel:

  1. Go to your Site Setup page
  2. Copy the pixel code and put it on every page of your website, right before the closing </head> tag.You should include this code even on pages where you don't have any optin forms, so that we can accurately track your lead sources.
  3. You can also install the pixel using Google Tag Manager or other script-manager.

Pro Tip: If you’re already using Google Tag Manager on all of the pages you’d like to track, we suggest installing your SegMetrics tracking pixel via Tag Manager. Install it once in GTM and automatically track every page that’s already utilizing GTM!

Need to track across multiple or 3rd party domains/tools?

Beyond installing your SegMetrics tracking pixel on your main website, you’ll also need to make sure of the following places:

  1. Install your pixel in all 3rd party tools such as order forms/landing pages from services like Keap, as well as shopping carts from services such as SamCart. 
  2. Include all root domains you’d like to track (including domains hosted by 3rd party tools) in the Site Setup area of your SegMetrics account. Watch a short video about how to add your 3rd party/multiple domains.
  3. Or, if you still need to hook SegMetrics up to your other marketing tools, head on over to the Integrations page in your account and start integrating with your available integrations.

2) Configure Your Ads

Getting your ads configured correctly is essential for gaining insight into where your paid leads are coming from and how much of a return you’re getting on your ad spend. SegMetrics provides valuable insight into which ads are performing best, and even more importantly, which ads are falling short. 

Get your ads configured:

Those are just a few of the ad platforms that SegMetrics connects to. You can always find the full list of our integrations in the support docs, or check out the rest of our ad platform integrations here in your account.

3) Test Your Tracking

With your tracking pixel installed, ads configured, and your revenue flowing into SegMetrics it’s important to test your funnel to make sure everything is working together. How can you test your funnel? Essentially you’ll want to go through every step of the funnel that your leads will hit. From clicking off of an ad to landing on your offer page, opting in and making a purchase.

Double check your tracking:

4) Build Your First Custom Dashboard

Now that you’re all hooked up to SegMetrics, it’s time to start getting familiar with building your first dashboard!

To build your first dashboard:

  1. From the left sidebar, click Dashboards
  2. Click New Dashboard
  3. Give the dashboard a name
  4. Select the Custom option
  5. Click Save Dashboard

Once you land in your dashboard, there are two options. You can choose a blueprint, or elect to start from scratch. If this is your first time creating a new dashboard, we suggest you go with the blueprint option. 

Want to customize your new dashboard? Take a look at this article and learn how to manage the dashboard and its display widgets.

5) Optimize Your Marketing

Need more help or just don’t have the time to get this all set up yourself? No worries, we’ve got you covered! SegMetrics offers a couple of different affordable options and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. 

Done For You Account Setup

With the Done For You Account Setup service, we’ll do all the heavy lifting to get your SegMetrics account setup and optimized. We handle getting your tracking configured across all your marketing properties, as well as a fully tracked marketing funnel, complete with KPI-centric dashboard to help you optimize your marketing. Learn more about this service!

Monthly Optimization Blueprint Service

If ongoing 1:1 support is what you’re looking for, our Monthly Optimization Blueprint Service is just what you need. This ongoing support service includes 1-2 45 minute calls each month. On these calls, our experienced marketing consultants will help you analyze the data from your SegMetrics account and provide advice on how to optimize your marketing efforts. Sound like a plan? Learn more about this service!

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